Everything is easier when you have a team of great people around you. And that's who we are.

We are Hireone.

With our vast experience and close-knit team, everything will go smoothly. Trust us - we know what we are doing.

Kyrylo Kuzmishchev


One-man band. He runs the company, takes care of closed recruitments, and finds time for his beloved climbing after work.

Magdalena Zembrzuska

Head of Recruitment

True master of successfully closed recruitments and work-life balance. Probably knows all the answers to your questions.

Zosia Wala

HR Manager

We are humans first and resources later” is her professional motto, so you may often hear a simple “how do you feel today?” from her. Privately a dog mom of 3 dogs and owner of a horse named Bazalt.

Angelika Wasilewska

Business Development Manager

Her smile breaks the ice. It takes two to tango so share your arrangements and Angie will transform it into a perfectly matched recruitment process for your company.

Natalia Rybarczyk

Senior Recruiter

When words are not enough… She’s the one to call. Not only communication specialist but also employer-branding wizard.

Anna Warmińska

Senior Recruiter

She’s all ears for the candidates. An official career counselor and coach since March. Studying criminology in her free time.

Agnieszka Dadej


Don’t let her smile deceive you. She knows most programming languages, and if she doesn’t, she will learn it and explain it to you.

Justyna Wróbel


Experienced recruiter and outsourcing specialist. She’ll take care of smooth and seamless candidate experience during recruitment process.

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What clients say
about us

Ross Knap

CEO CallPage

Marcin Wudarczyk

CEO NG Logic

Krzysztof Smolski

DXC Technology Poland

Michał Stefański

MGR Integration Solutions Poland

Piotr Sybilski

Sybilla Technologies

We hire the best candidates.

“We have been working with HireOne almost from the beginning of our business journey. Thanks to the proposed recruitment model, we hire the best candidates while saving a lot of time and energy.”

It has allowed us greater flexibility.

“The model in which HireOne provides us with specialists
is phenomenal. It has allowed us greater flexibility in the formation of development teams and reduces the risk of cost spikes.”

We built a business relationship.

“Thanks to HireOne’s approach, we built a business relationship based on trust. The recruitments they conducted went smoothly and effectively.”

The candidates they recommended were well-matched.

“HireOne helped us with numerous recruitments. The candidates they recommended were well-matched to our expectations, both in terms of competence and the culture of the organization.”

Our expectations of candidates are unique.

“We are working in a very narrow field, so our expectations of candidates are unique. Thanks to HireOne, we were able to work with candidates who represented perfectly the competencies we were looking for.”

What candidates
say about us

Kamil Wydrzycki

Kubernetes Operator / DevOps


Senior Golang Developer

Kacper Potyrała

Frontend Developer

Michał Mocek

Java Developer

I am grateful for the cooperation.

“I had the pleasure of participating in the recruitment process for the position of Kubetnetes Operator / DevOps, which was supervised by Ms Natalia Rybarczyk. The whole procedure was very professional and friendly. The profile of the recruiting company was comprehensively presented to me by Ms. Natalia, as was a detailed description of the position and working conditions. While engaging in the recruitment process, I felt taken care of by a competent and kind person. I am grateful for the cooperation, which ended successfully for me”.

She was advocating for me.

“Anna is excellent at managing her candidates. She helped throughout the recruitment stages and put aside plenty of time when other recruiters probably would not. She possesses solid, and very diverse abilities to enroll the rarest of technical candidates. I understand recruiters hire for the company, but it also felt like she was advocating for me”.

The recruiter made a positive impression on me.

“The whole recruitment process went smoothly. At each stage Ms Natalia checked that everything was going well and how I felt, which made a positive impression on me.”

The recruiter made a positive impression on me.

“The whole recruitment process went smoothly. At each stage Ms Natalia checked that everything was going well and how I felt, which made a positive impression on me.”

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