Focus on your business while we recruit the best talents for you.

We are a global company that will conduct the recruitment process and hire the right person for your project.

Recruiting in the "Success Fee" model

  • No financial risk. Pay when you hire
  • Get a 12-month guarantee on every employee we recruit
  • Split the payment up to 6 months
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  • The recruiter works in your internal structure, like an in-house employee
  • Get full control over the entire process from start to finish
  • Reduce the cost of recruitment by up to 50% compared to the success fee model
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Talent Leasing

  • We handle the entire process from recruitment and hiring, ending with payroll
  • Receive one invoice regardless of the number of people you employ
  • Hire employees on any contract in more than 160 countries
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How we cooperate

Step 1 – needs

On the call, we gather information about your needs and discuss terms of cooperation.

Step 2 – tech details

You send us the technical scope, project description, and methodology in which you are looking for a developer.

Step 3 – candidates

We deliver you a few matching CVs in no time. Several, but vetted because we believe in quality over quantity.

Each of our services is customized. Our solution is simple, effective, and tailored to your needs.

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We will find the perfect candidate as quickly as possible. With our smart approach and tailored offer, your problem will be solved in no time!

What can you expect

Guarantee for up to 12 months

Every client gets a 3-month guarantee that developer will stay on the project. You can extend this period to 12 months and be sure to have an employee for a year.

High tech and psychological background

Our recruiters are great at both psychological techniques and reading the code. We give you only vetted candidates so you can focus on the fight ones.

Deferred payment

Can't pay right away? No problem! You can postpone your payment for up to 3 months or divide the entire payment into 12 installments. Or both – you chose.

Recruit, hire and run payroll in one place. Mix all our services according to your needs.

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Open up to new markets - by working with us, you can be sure that we will search for talents from all over the world.