Over 75 developers employed
over the period of 4 years.

9 months to recruit a team of 30 people.

The customer

San Mateo, California
Founded in 2003
Talents based in Europe and both Americas
Delivers high-quality software solutions, from front-endto backend
US customers

They specialize in Goland, Python, React, as well as successful web apps.Moreover, they deal with anything ranging from microservices, customweb & mobile app development, to migrations, integrations, and productdesign.

The Challenge

NG Logic approached us in 2018.

They had just received a really big commission
and were in need of new staff.

It was a massive and exciting opportunity for the company,
it gained development and reputation on the market.

However, NG Logic had been a rather small company, unable to handle
the recruitment process of so many new employees.

The company was significantly understaffed given the scale of that project.

The Biggest Challenge

The solution

  • Our team took over the recruitment process completely
  • We were directly in touch with the team leaders, developers and NG Logic HiringManagers
  • We ran the recruitment process quickly and smoothly
  • We took care of end to end recruitment
  • Our customer could sitback and relax

We quickly run the onboarding process and integrated
with the NG Logic structure.

Our recruitment specialists acted very promptly, which resulted
in the first pool of candidates being sent over to our customer only 3 days after we started working on the project.

Two weeks later, we already had 10 candidates
in our recruitment funnel.

The Conclusion

We would like to take this opportunity
to congratulate NG Logic on their amazing success – we will always be there to support you!


The only recruitment agency (HireOne).

Currently 100 developers

Satisfied customer

7 months (over 33 people).

Bigger projects
for the customer

Customer’s opininion

The cooperation has been a breeze

“We have been working with HireOne for quite a while now – already since 2018. The cooperation has been a breeze. Their support every step of theway has really been priceless! Thanks to HireOne, our company candevelop quickly and provide our customers with the highest quality of services.
HireOne Forever”!


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