Expert craftspeople. At your service.

Recruiting talents worldwide

Leasing Tech Talent all over the world

Possibility to embed HireOne recruiters into your team

Short term HR & Recruiting options also available

Why Hireone?

Guarantee for up to
12 months

Every client gets a 3-month guarantee
that developer will stay on the project.
You can extend this period to 12 months
and be sure to have an employee for a year.

Experienced in Recruiting
Technical Experts

Our experienced recruiters have put in the hard yards to know who is who in the Tech
Zoo. They are well versed in the foundations
of engineers' work and different cultures.

Deferred payment

Want to pay later? No problem!
You can postpone your payment for up to
3 months or divide the entire payment into
12 installments. Or both – you chose.

Problems we solve

Lack of talent. Hiring. Run Payroll in one place. Do you have specific requirements?

How we cooperate

Step 1 – Discovery Call

On the call, we gather information about your needs and discuss terms of cooperation.

Step 2 – Tech details

You send us the technical scope,
project description, and methodology
in which you are looking for a talent.

Step 3 – Recruitment & Candidates

We deliver you a few matching CVs
in no time. Several, but vetted because we believe in quality over quantity.

Each of our services is customized. Our solution is simple, effective, and tailored to your needs.

What clients say
about us

Ross Knap

CEO CallPage

Marcin Wudarczyk

CEO NG Logic

Krzysztof Smolski

DXC Technology Poland

Michał Stefański

MGR Integration Solutions Poland

Piotr Sybilski

Sybilla Technologies

Hiring top talents was very smooth.

“We have been working with HireOne almost from the beginning
of our business journey. Thanks to the proposed recruitment model, we hire the best candidates while saving a lot of time and energy.”

It has allowed us greater flexibility.

“The model in which HireOne provides us with specialists
is phenomenal. It has allowed us greater flexibility in the formation of development teams and reduces the risk of cost spikes.”

We built a business relationship.

“Thanks to HireOne’s approach, we built a business relationship based on trust. The recruitments they conducted went smoothly and effectively.”

The candidates they recommended were well-matched.

“HireOne helped us with numerous recruitments. The candidates they recommended were well-matched to our expectations, both in terms of competence and the culture of the organization.”

Our expectations of candidates are unique.

“We are working in a very narrow field, so our expectations of candidates are unique. Thanks to HireOne, we were able to work with candidates who represented perfectly the competencies we were looking for.”


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