Less time for candidate verification process = more time for business.

90% of our candidates successfully pass the technical interview and the soft skills assessment

The customer

Tampere, Finland
Founded in 2012
Employs more than 400 people
Develops technology for secure real-time processes

Their services meet at the heart of three global macro trends – IoE, 5G andAI, where they enable the use of continuous situational awareness forautonomous mobility, augmented operational assistance, and process management. They take pride in their values, which are: Clients and results first, Honesty, Taking responsibility, Competence.

Their customers

The Challenge

Unikie was looking to introduce a new development center in Poland.

Headhunting C++ programmers experienced in programming controllers for electronic devices and familiar with QNX.

They had to raise up to the challenge of working for majorautomotive brands with high requirements, such as BMW, VW Group,Mercedes-Benz

The team of
with niche skills and specializations had tobe built from scratch.

They were in need of high-quality developers from various fields.

Great importance of soft skills – they were searching for people who would fit into the culture of the organization and stick around for awhile.

The solution

01 Familiarize

The first step in providing the customer with the right candidateswas to familiarize ourselves with the customer, their industry, the waythey operate, their customers and, most importantly, their needs.

02 Grow

Our task was to grow an already existing team of Polish and Finnishemployees, carefully listening to the feedback of the Team Manager fromUnikie – the person responsible for the whole project regarding theautonomous vehicle for BMW.

03 Accompany

Having recruited the candidates, we accompanied them throughout the whole process and constantly offered our support to both the customerand the candidates, trying to make the onboarding and implementation process as smooth and seamless as possible.

04 Keep in touch

We attributed a lot of importance to keeping in touch with our customer. As time went by, we analyzed the projects and discussed them with the customer and the candidates, defined each candidate’s scope of responsibilities for the project, as well as the long-term perspective of the cooperation and what would happen with the candidate once the project isover.

05 Build a relationship

We allowed for a lot of flexibility regarding our communication, which was greatly appreciated by the customer, helped us establish a strong bond and an excellent understanding of the customer’s needs and wants. It allowed us to build a long-standing, close and simply lovely relationship with our customer.

06 Immerse

Our recruiters fully immersed themselves in the company and its culture to select the appropriate people for specific job posts. Apart fromthe expertise and experience, the customer really cared about theirpotential employees’ soft skills. The psychological background of our recruitment specialists made it possible to meet this expectation as well –understanding the needs and the culture of the company was absolutely essential.

The Conclusion

This cooperation turned out to be a great success.

Of the candidates passed the technical interviews and were assessed to be a great cultural fit for the company.

The development center in Poland has been constantly growing

All the clients are satisfied with the candidates that they have hired, even more new projects for Unikie and HireOne!

Customer’s opininion

They have an exceptionally effective communication style

“I can only say positive words about our cooperation with HireOne – the whole process was run very smoothly and seamlessly. HireOne helped us find the candidates with all the important tech skills that we needed, but also with the right set of soft skills – that is the perfect combination we were looking for! They have an exceptionally effective communication style – official, yet very lovely! For us, it is definitely along-term cooperation. I can recommend HireOne whole heartedly”.


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